AA. 'Pour'

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I feel worth, I feel love again
You know I don't take long
A rush of blood that goes to your head
A note to carry on
Mutual lust and new found confidence
You're coming on too strong
I hope this one lasts too long

I love the way you make me think
But I still hate my thoughts
I'm still scratching at my skin
Insides still in knots
Ruin this, you're in bits

Lack of trust, no true confidence
You know this could be wrong
Overwhelming sense of worthlessness
No need to carry on
Burst of lust, but it's more than this
A diamond in the rough
I hope this one ain't so tough

I loved the way you felt so sick
You made me hate my thoughts
I was scratching at my skin
Insides freeing up
What is this? It's surely it


from I See Through // Pour, released November 8, 2016
Written and produced by Dan Weller.
Photography by Rhiannon Brackpool.




Time Enough At Last London, UK

time enough at last

A currently solo shoegaze project created by Dan Weller of Bleak House.

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